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The Importance of Franking Machines

When sending out bulk mail for your business, having a franking machine would make the process of mailing them out a lot easier. This machine accurately calculates the postage each time you send out mail. With a franking machine your postage can be paid online, 24/7 but with the use of stamps you need to wait hours in line to buy your stamps.

The Royal Mail has already increased discounts for franked mail today. Franked mail are discounted for the simple reason that it is easier and cheaper to handle while regular mail needs issuing of stamps which is manually processed. In order to encourage customers to purchase and buy franking machines, discounts have recently been increased by the Royal Mail. The great discounts gives great saving to businesses who sends mail by the bulk.

If your partners and customers will receive franked mail, then they will be impressed by the professional image that it brings. This is because your logo or a promotional text or tag line can be added to your mail envelope with the use of a franking machine. Franked mail is a good way of advertising your company for free. New tariffs, services and offers from your company can be published through promotional text.

Not knowing the weight of your mail can make you end up overpaying and wasting money on postage. With a franking machine this over paying does not happen because the built in scale will determine the accurate weight of your mail and thus will be able to determine the right postage to pay. On the other hand, understamping your mail can also cause you inconveniences. There are charges imposed on the sender for understamped mail. If you mail is understamped then the mailman will charge the recipient for the lack plus charge an additional handling fee. This inconvenience and embarrassment will not happen to you if you use a franking machine.

You can feel distressed and aggravated when the post office runs out of stamps when we need them most. Franking machines will always allow you to mail your letters on time. If you want your outgoing mail to be processed easily, then a franking machine can easily do the job for you.

Franking machines are also beneficial during tax season. IT generate accurate reports on your costs of postage and offer a chance for the company to claim its full expenses from the tax man. They can also keep record of postage across various departments in your company allowing you to formulate measures to control costs.

Small or large businesses can use franking machines. This will help cut down on postage costs, avoid inconveniences and save time.

Investing in a franking machine will be beneficial for your small business especially if you send bulk mail each month for advertising.
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